Edmonds Localvore : ForanSuon at Zinc Art+Interiors by Jacob Foran

Edmonds Localvore!

MAY 4 @ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Join us for the 6th Annual Edmonds Localvore Event! This year our event will be bigger than ever with 12 businesses participating in the fun! Come spend the day in Edmonds experiencing all that we have to offer, shop and get gifts with purchase at each location. Visit any 7 and you’ll be entered to win one of 4 gift baskets full of treasures each worth $600!

ZINC will be hosting two trunkshows! Foran Suon will be here with their beautiful 3d printed porcelain vases and potting small green plants with each purchase AND we will have Ann Chikahisa of Chikahisa Studio in house with a selection of new gemstones and settings to choose from! 


It’s a great day to find a perfect gift for Mother’s day, upcoming graduations and of course wedding season! We can’t wait to see YOU!!!

Studio Visit: ForanSuon -- Vetri by Jacob Foran


By Vetri Gallery

“Here at Vetri the holidays are known as Ornament season. Each year we display handmade ornaments from at least 50 artists, and customers return year after year to add to their collections.

This year we were particularly excited for a new and inventive set of ornaments by Jacob Foran and Phirak Suon of ForanSuon. They have developed bell-shaped ornaments using their innovative ceramic 3D printing method. We visited their studio in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle to learn more about their process.

The design for this year’s ceramic ornaments came from classic holiday iconography that relates to designs that the duo is already producing. The result is a simple bell form accentuated with surface patterns made by the coiling 3D printer. The basic geometry of the form and its complex texture are digitally drawn using CAD software (Computer Aided Design). That code is then converted to fit the specific ceramic plotter which extrudes porcelain exactly according to the digital design. Jacob and Phirak have modified the porcelain clay body so the fluidity and structure are just right for their particular printer. Finally, the pieces go through a series of glazes and firings. The result is a beautiful ornament that combines the styles of hand and machine made.

You can find a small selection of their ornaments on our website and a larger selection in our gallery throughout the holidays. For remote inquiries, call or email the gallery  and visit ForanSuon’s artist page here to browse their other 3D printed works.”

Original Published : https://vetriglass.com/story/studio-visit-foransuon/

New Show Opens in Threshold Gallery by Jacob Foran


DATE POSTED: 12.06.2018

A new exhibit featuring 3D printed ceramic vessels by Phirak Suon and Jacob Foran will be on display through the end of January at Threshold Gallery. Please join us for an opening reception with the artists on Thursday, December 6th, from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Foran | Suon are a Seattle-based design team who specialize in crafting innovative pottery, sculptural objects and home decor. Their products find intersections between fine art and design, ceramics and architecture, traditional craft and 3D printing technology. Together, they combine inspirations from pattern and textiles, historical pottery and sculpture to make fine art vessels, candle light holders, planters, home decor and art objects.

Threshold Gallery was established by Mithun in 2008 to connect people with art, artists and the built environment, as well as to inspire and drive our work as designers. The gallery is located within our Seattle offices at Pier 56, and is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Original Post: http://mithun.com/2018/12/06/new-show-opens-in-threshold-gallery-3/

Seattle Times : Top Picks Gift Guide for 2018 by Jacob Foran

ForanSuon Cloudscape Planter

“These 3D-printed porcelain vessels pop with color and texture — and originality. Made in Seattle and finished with a glazed interior, they’re perfect for use indoors to hold succulents or tealights, or bring them outside for a dinner party centerpiece. Available in three sizes and multiple colors. $29–$49 at MadeHere Seattle (Pioneer Square) and foransuon.com”.

Also available at Vetri Gallery in Seattle.


ForanSuon Giving Back by Jacob Foran

BAM auctionpic.jpeg

We are proud to support different organizations dedicated to the arts, innovation, and education. In our first months of being, we have helped to contribute more than 10K in fundraising through sales and auctions at Bellevue Arts Museum, Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Kirkland Art Center, and Pilchuck Glass School.



40th Annual Auction & Gala
Saturday, October 20, 2018
5:30 PM
Fremont Studios, Seattle

Tickets available now! Please RSVP by Friday, October 5, 2018.


Pilchuck Glass School’s Annual Auction & Gala is one of Seattle’s premier fundraising events attended by over 500 patrons, artists, and community leaders from the Northwest and nationwide. Join us for an evening celebrating Pilchuck's renowned history and exciting future.


ForanSuon at Tacoma Art Museum Shop by Jacob Foran

 We are happy to announce that we will have products available at the Tacoma Art Museum Shop.

 "TAM Store connects people to local art that is both personal and distinctive to the Pacific Northwest region. Support local makers who are actively shaping Tacoma’s artistic landscape with a variety of local, affordable one-of-a-kind items. Shop for take-home works of art or peruse our selection of exhibition catalogues from TAM’s most memorable shows, past and present. From unique hand-crafted jewelry to children’s toys and home décor, you’ll find a lot to love at TAM Store."

All proceeds benefit TAM’s mission of connecting people through art.